Thursday, 7 June 2012

Kwon Kyung Yup

Korean traditional artist Kwon Kyung Yup paints from photgraphs, using delicate pale pastels and whites.  Her subjects speak of fragile humanity as they silently look out from their bandaged bodies.  
"Kwon Kyungyup's figurative paintings reveal an unassailable world of sensuality, duality and emotional imprisonment. She approaches her figurative paintings in a way in which her subjects are depicted almost as inhuman and immaculate beings, as if the body is merely a storage for deep memories of pain, loss, and trauma. Her paintings represent wounded souls sheltering within bandaged boys and girls. The bandage-covered faces are symbolic of a wound the body remembers: a spiritual, ontological wound that purifies or sublimates emotion. In Kwon's work tears are positive equipment for delivering emotions. The eyes of the figures are focused on the object that brought the sense of loss. Pearls similarly stand in as tears and as a metaphor for the meaning of emotional purification, curing, and sublimation. These works are exquisite and intimate portraits of human frailty and resilience." - Ella Buzo, Cabinodd Gallery director, 2011



  1. Dit you look at the dutch artist she begon to paint this many years a go

    1. thank you for your comment :) going to check out your suggestion now.