Monday, 23 July 2012

Roberto Ferri

Italian Traditional Painter



  1. These are beautiful and intricate studies. However, in my opinion there is no need for this painterly Realism as photography can achieve the same result with far less effort.

  2. Crescent - That's an amazingly and incredibly ignorant remark. Photography can be quite nice as an art form. And very few are great at it - to be sure. But having the many levels of skill which not merely include knowledge of anatomy, the ability to then transfer that knowledge to paper/canvas/stone, knowledge of lighting, drawing, rendering, painting, any single one of which many of an artist struggles and mostly fails to master in an entire lifetime. All of these skills and several I haven't mentioned, have been displayed in these painting. Artists of this level come around perhaps every hundred years or so. It's clearly obvious that you are utterly clueless....

  3. Crescent must be under 30 and never had any art training. His comment is like saying "There is no need to have a lover, as masturbation can achieve the same result with far less effort." Maybe so, but I'd rather have a lover and a great work of art like these paintings. In fact, I'd say that painting IS making love, while photography (with a motor drive and instant digital gratification) is like masturbation.

  4. I am well under 30, but have an idea of art and painting...and these paintings are awesomee!!! As the first commentor said, it takes a whole lot of effort to achieve this level of artistic mastery, and some people just don't even have the brain power to ever do. I feel so sad when I see many artists hiding their lack of skill behind contemporary art and modern splashes of colour (not saying real modern and contemporary art does not have thought and skill behind it, but I believe it can never be compared to this kind of art, which has both strong concept and exceptional skill. too bad average people can control the value and perception of things)