Monday, 21 May 2012


Handiedan's collage work is beautifully detailed and painstakingly put together, layer after sumptuous layer. She reuses antique posters, sheet music, post cards, currency, wood, metal etc to create visually stunning pin-up style pieces that speak of nostalgia with a delicious modern twist. Handiedan subverts the classic pinup style female subjects with hand drawn tattoos, which reveal the individual rather than just the sexual object.  Amazing!!

Handiedan is now also creating stunning digital collages, check out her gallery for a full collection of her work.

"Handiedan's collage work feeds on the tainted history of pin-up girl posters, using torn, aged surfaces to subvert sexiness. At first glance, the images have a nostalgic feeling, fueled by their ornate details and seemingly straightforward compositions, but a closer look quickly reveals their brutality."


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