Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Norman Lindsay [1879 - 1969]

Norman Lindsay was an Australian artist of extraordinary talent and one of my favourite artists of his time. "His first novel was published in 1913, and by the 1920s he was both proficient and prolific in pen and ink drawing, etching, woodcuts, watercolours and sculpture. Lindsay rejected Christianity, and his art depicts Bohemianism and Arcadian pantheism madly admixed in a fantasy world." www.normanlindsay.com.au

What I wouldn't give for one of his etchings!! I grew up in Sydney and often visited his home (now gallery) and gardens in the Blue Mountains. Walking through his personal space is like stepping back in time where the artist and his muses once lived and worked, or walking through his personal provocative wonderland. I am completely in awe of his beautifully detailed, evocative work. It is clear that mythology and the beauty of the female form captured his soul and this is expressed through his often controversial 'naughty' nudes.



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  1. Of yes, we love Norman Lindsay as well and after starting with the very popular facsimile etchings eventually had the opportunity to hang an original etching on our walls several years ago. Now I would like an original pencil or painting but apparently there are other 'priorities'. Thanks for the post. Jamie