Thursday, 1 March 2012

Andreea Anghel

Traditional artist Andreea Anghel's paintings and mixed media pieces are raw and powerful. The figures she portrays confront and demand the viewers attention. We are compelled to look and truly see the humanity in her work, faults and all. Her figures are raw and exposed, yet profoundly beautiful and sublime in their complete disclosure. The use of black, white and reds on one hand, and contrasting hues on the other, evident brush strokes and expressive drips adds to the feeling power and vulnerability of the human body and psyche, making her work a deeply evocative.

"The whole theme of my work is based on the human condition and degradation...from sins to problems or simply human nature. I've started to create them when I was 16 and I hope to keep exploring these depths. To me, they represent not only a message to my viewers, but also an attempt at trying to see beauty in imperfection." ~ Andrea Anghel


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