Friday, 23 March 2012


Dreamfloating (I wish I knew her real name) is an amazing sculptor from the US. She works in plaster and the level of intricate detail is sublime, as she strives to present beauty through delicate form and embellishment.

The underlying point is simply 'beauty'. Making art that gives a sense of tranquility to the viewer. (This again, as explained in another part of the website, is why I shy away from rough, jagged surfaces, preferring rounded, soft forms.) On a personal level, as an artist, as a sculptor, it is ironic that in order to 'create beauty' you yourself in the process become 'less than beautiful'. It is only one day a week that I truly feel 'beautiful'. Beauty is Tranquility. And again, that is the ultimate underlying point, in much the same manner the Neoclassicists, Baroque, as well as Art Nouveau salon explored The Golden age of Ancient Greece-A sense of innocence & Rebirth. A return to better, simpler, idealized times.


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