Friday, 30 March 2012

Nude late night tours of MCA Sydney (27 - 29 April)

How fabulous, the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney is doing after hours tours of the Museum in the nude!!! Check out MCA from a totally new perspective ... go if you dare!!!

Stuart Ringholt
Friday 27 April 2012 to Sunday 29 April 2012 18+

Gain a new perspective on the current MCA exhibitions by viewing them entirely nude. Remove the material barriers between artist and audience (literally) when you join artist Stuart Ringholt’s tour followed by a nude reception. Entitled Preceded by a tour of the show by artist Stuart Ringholt 6-8pm (the artist will be naked. Those who wish to join the tour must also be naked. Adults only) the work deals with themes of fear and embarrassment.

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  1. Good details and contrast between dark shadows and white areas. You may know the work of the Greek-Italian surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico, much of whose work you can browse at This one,, has the same feel as your drawings.