Monday, 12 March 2012

Fab Ciraolo

Traditional artist from Chile, Fab Ciraolo's work is a mixture of painting and drawing. I love the modern/retro juxtiposition and the wonderful vintage colours and imagery he uses.

"I am like a sponge, very visual, I hate reading but love looking. My mind is full of these icons and these images. I love to mix the old with the modern, giving things that already exist a new fresh air, a new vision. I am working in these series, with Frida, Che Guevara and Dalí, it is the result of all these things that are in my mind. How would these great characters look today? This is the main idea of all of these. I mix them with all the images that are inside my head and it is like an explosion of images that I need to get out and put them together in one piece." Fab Ciraolo.


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