Friday, 13 April 2012

Jacqueline Gallagher

I have been insanely busy today, so didnt get around to posting earlier.  But couldnt let you, my darlings down.  So here I sit after work on a Friday, with glass of red wine in hand pondering this brilliant traditional artist from Hawaii, Jacqueline Gallagher.  Her work is reminiscent of our nightmares or fabulous Hollywood horror films, grotesque but strangely seductive. Her use of colour is dramatic and adds to the overall deliciously ghoulish feel to her work.

"I am a painter interested in portraits of a zombie-ish nature more than anything else. These figures are contractions, beautiful and grotesque at the same time. They float through their worlds driven by craving, vanity, and addiction, caught in moments of comedic indulgence. They are put on display for the world as their bodies slowly decay. This is how I see myself."  Jacqueline Gallagher.


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