Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sas Christian

Sas Christian is a traditional artist from London. I love her quirky figurative paintings. The huge expressive eyes and the anime style interpretation of her subjects is just delightful.

"My original inspirations relied heavily on anime, Tamara De Lempicka and Mark Ryden. I loved the creative expression of the Harajuku kids in Tokyo. They filled me with such hope and excitement. Originally the intention of my paintings was just about creating a strong image, purely visual. I wanted to impart a modern tongue-in-cheek humor, incorporating my experiences. Contemporary, ballsy, flirty, weepy girls; punk, catholic, no-nonsense, damaged but not broken girls. Funny, intelligent, unusual, independent, odd ball, outsiders. Lovely.

As time goes on I find myself relying less on the narrative and more on the emotive. I hope that my work can connect with people on different levels. I'm trying to harness a single moment in time, an emotional response, seemingly insignificant gesture that can mean so much."



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