Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Jen Mann

I just adore Canadian traditional artist Jen Mann's paintings.  "In her most recent series Jen explores ideas that are more existential and spiritual in nature, focusing on soul. Mann draws on the existential blanket theory that everything is the same. The white on white technique unfeignedly illustrates this concept and helps us visualize her view of something entirely intangible - the aspects of soul. The translucence, and use of negative space along with light use of colour is reminiscent of a memory. Mann captures the essence of a feeling, or a thought, where images are floating and blending with the background. The subjects merge with each other and the loose and painterly background peeks through letting the white space become the focus. Mann says she was inspired by the Celtic rune stone "Oden" (the blank stone) which stands for limitless possibilities, and at the same time, embodies nothingness."  http://www.jenmann.com/index.html


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