Monday, 9 April 2012

Michael Carson

American traditional artist Michael Carson's beautifully textured figurative paintings are captivating.

"My work is almost always figurative. It's just what I find most interesting. And challenging. Once you allow yourself to concentrate so fully on one subject you will be able to explore the other aspects of painting, which is really what I love. The brushwork, the edges and color combinations allow me to maintain my sense of design. I also paint wet, which allows the paint to move easily throughout the canvas. I always try to make the work look effortless or simple. I like to be able to see the actual brush stoke up close and get that sense of knowing exactly how I painted it.   I paint people because I have always had a serious addiction to watching people. I try to get that feel in my paintings. As if I am just watching people doing everyday things in my work. I love the subtle ways that a single brush stroke can create such subtleties in facial expression. I spend most of my time on the face and hands. They tell the story or create an interesting pose.  I also love the process of evolution of the work as time goes. I love all the intentional decisions as well as the accidents that end up working and follow me into my next piece." Michael Carson



  1. I would love to buy one of these

    1. Me too!!! They would look stunning on my wall :) Thank you for your comment