Saturday, 7 April 2012

Male Fashion & Fine Art Photography

Fashion photography is one of my guilty little pleasures… I sigh each time I open another edition of Vogue.

So in this vein of guilty pleasure, I wanted to share something different with this post. Lets take a look at male fashion and fine art photography from some of the most amazing photographers of our time in conjunction with the most spectacular fashion houses and the most talented models. Lets move away from the typical female model that is so prevalent in fashion, photography and art and look at the beauty of men.

by Alex Bego

by Bell Soto

by Bert Nilsson

by Damon Baker

 by Fabio Costì

by François Rousseau

by Giuliano Bekor

by Kerry Degman

 by Mariano Vivanco

 by Saverio Cardia

 by Simon Harris

 by Bruce Weber

by Errikos Andreou

by Joseph Sinclair


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