Friday, 13 April 2012

John Young

Traditional artist John Young was born in Hong Kong then moved to Australia in the 60's.  His new body of work looks at mythology and the feminine.  He works with oil on linen, but at first glance his work almost looks like an etheral infrared photograph.  'The New Wolf of Rome' revisits the Roman founding myth of Lupa Capitolina: the she wolf found the twin infants Romulus and Remus by the banks of the Tiber River.  She sucked and cared for them until the shepherd Faustulus discovered them and in time, Romulus became the founder of the capital of Rome.  In Young's work the wolf has the spiritual nature of a human conveying both a mystical and primal essence as we glimpse the world through the eyes of the she-wolf.

Young's 'The New Wolf of Rome' series is showing at the Philip Bacon Galleries in Brisbane from 17 Apr - 12 May and I highly recommend you pop in if in the area. 


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