Friday, 3 February 2012

Doble & Strong

Australian artist collaborative, Doble & Strong's fascinating work combines photography and painting.  Their images speak to the viewer of humanity ~ the fragility and diverse beauty of the human body both inside and out.  The layered paint splotches appear almost cellular as they blend and beautifully mar the smooth, graceful female nudes.  I almost expect to see them squirm under a microscope!  The photography and painting are perfectly complimentary and both add to the narrative of the images.

The idea to start this collaborative work was conceived on a recent trip to London to visit a friend who was terminally ill with a brain tumour. Our visit also coincided with Easter. On Good Friday, two days after our friend’s passing, we visited St Paul’s Cathedral and took a single photograph, which became the inspiration to complete our first work together – Salathiel (I have asked of God), shortlisted for the 58th Blake Prize for Religious Art 2009. The realisation that within our own bodies of work, we were both concerned with many of the same issues and aesthetics, led to the decision to create collaborative works which incorporated both our art practices – photography and painting, but only on the condition that they were combined in a cohesive and logical manner. In order for both of us to be involved in all aspects of creating an image, it was necessary for each of us to take an active roll in working with both mediums, equally. With this underlying principle in mind, we produced the works which make up our first collaborative exhibition – “First Born”





  1. Blog looking good! Interesting distortions of form through colour/abstraction :-)