Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nina Saunders

Nina Saunders is a Denmark born artist currently living in London. Her use of discarded traditional furniture and her surreal treatment of it, with the dripping/melting distortion harks of Dali and her use of taxidermy is a surprise as it pushes and peeks through the furniture in an attempt to get out and through, to escape.

Her work is impressive, bizarre and quirky, expressing humour as well as a sense of weightiness (both physical and emotional) through her surreal treatment. 

“Saunders' convoy of animals is both comic and unsettling. The taxidermied animals that populate this procession have been made yet stranger by Saunders who has seamlessly blended each creature to an item of benign household furniture. The animals are of the type that populate children's literature and folk tales, part of our collective imagination, harmless and yet casually hunted. Each item of furniture has been reupholstered in white but its structure has been undermined so that each appears disproportionate, uncomfortable but curiously mobile.” (Gleeson, D. 2002)



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