Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Silvia Pelissero

Italian artist Silvia Pelissero (aka Agnes Cecile)'s work is predominately figurative watercolour, but she also works in acrylic, oil, varnish and digital.

Her work is delicate and dramatic at the same time, due to her use of watercolour paint along with bold contrasting colour selection. The effect is moving and very beautiful. Her brush strokes and bleed create a wonderful abstract feel to her figures as they seem to seep or explode out of the white background. The female figures eyes and facial expressions are evocative, creating a sense of bitter sweet melancholy in some works, and a wonderful sense of expectancy in others. I adore the texture and movement in Silvia's work, it feels instinctual, spontaneous and intensely emotive. I hope you enjoy my selection. 

For a intimate look at Silvia's painting style, check out the video below of the artist at work.



  1. ...such beautiful work with an unforgiving medium. Gorgeously moving away from the landscape!

    1. i know watching the video of her painting im totally blown away, amazingly talented.... there is no way i could achieve anything but a running mess if i tried to paint with watercolour!! totally adore her work!! Thank you for your comment <3