Thursday, 2 February 2012

I Fink U Freeky

I couldn't resist sharing the full clip with you after I posted the Trailer of Die Antwoord's (South African futuristic rap-rave crew) new track "I fink u freeky" just a few days ago.  Reminds me of my old skool days. 

The video clip is exceptionally well produced, its imaginative, unique, bizarre, beautiful and of course "freeky".  Perhaps a little too freaky for some, but definitely worth the watch just to experience something totally different, totally experimental and totally out there!!

Hats off the Die Antwoord for the amazing tunes, Directed Roger Ballen, Director of Photography Melle Van Essen, Editor Jannie Hondekom, and Blade Post Production.  Truly an amazing dark, surreal, horror/macabre production.

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