Monday, 6 February 2012

Ellen Von Unwerth

German photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth has to be one of my all time favourites in her field. Her B&W photography is sublime, feminine, erotic, dark, provocative and playfully wicked. I do hope you enjoy my selection from her "Revenge" series. This perfectly describes her personality and the context of her work ~ "(Women) are not just there to be admired, they are there to be enjoyed."- Ellen Von Unwerth

By making her photographs less posed, Ellen Von Unwerth allows models to breathe, be themselves and ultimately feel sexier. The results are stunning and often stunningly sexual without exploiting or objectifying the models involved. For that, artists and admirers (i.e., any man with a pulse) owe Ellen Von Unwerth a multitude of thanks. They also need to thank her for launching the careers of modern beauties Claudia Schiffer, Estella Warren and Daniela Pestova among others. A glance through some of her raciest projects begs the question of whether Ellen Von Unwerth is as naughty as her photos. While she's something of an enigma, she does admit that some of her favorite photography sessions involve bondage and creating scenarios in which women dominate men. This goes back to her love of Bettie Page, a pinup icon that she paid tribute to in a 1998 Max photo shoot called "Back to Betty," featuring Eva Herzigova. An even kinkier side of Ellen Von Unwerth comes through in Revenge, her 2003 photo book featuring mud-covered women being flogged at a chateau before they turn the tables on the resident baroness and the chauffeur who brought them there. The domination themes might scare a few guys off (and turn a few others on), but Ellen Von Unwerth likes to reinforce that all of her photos are intended to be fun, not painful.

See here a link to Ellen's photobook "Revenge"   I would love to own this book and in fact there are still copies available from various sources, so I had better start saving...








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    1. Her work is just adorable and so playful, so glad you likie <3