Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Graham Balchin's Solo Exhibition "Immaculate Perception" currently @ Soho Gallery, Sydney

The fabulous Australian artists (and good friend) Graeme Balchin's solo exhibition "Immaculate Perception" has opened at the Soho Gallery in Sydney.  The opening was a huge success and Graeme's paintings look amazing in the space.  As per my earlier post I strongly recommend you get to the Soho Gallery and see his work in the person - quick it ends on 24 Feb!!!  I assure you these magnificent pieces would look amazing on your wall at home, so keep in mind they are all for sale (if not already sold).  See below some photographs from the exhibition and my FAVs on show.

Graeme explains, "Art is something that lives inside me, a thing that is vital to my well-being. It is a huge part of my everyday life and to be without it is something I could not comprehend. A full time artist working mainly in oils and graphite, I choose the term “Imaginative Realist" to describe my style. I am mostly self taught but have learnt and studied in a great many places, so I am influenced by many but determined to stay true to my own style. I have found that I am a solitary person, not quit fitting in with mainstream demographics and therefore I live alone and am happy to do so; I feel most artists are this way. I often feel perhaps we are just a touch crazy.  I constantly look for meaning in my work; a story that can hide inside the painting. I find it hard to paint just a portrait of someone.

I am fascinated by the changes in young women that have come about due to their freedom and equality, which I find an endless inspiration. Most of my figure work has come from this; the dawning of their own sensuality and how they work with it.  The paintings I have created for this exhibition, "Immaculate Perception" are the culmination of a decade of working with two particular models, my stepdaughter Amy and her friend Alexandra.  http://www.sohogalleries.net/exhibitions_detail/the_immaculate_perception_/975/1#














  1. Very good post Beautiful, haha,. I like how you have put some gallery shots in there, it gives a size to the work. Life has been busy but it is all worth it now. Thanks for the exposure.

    1. Its my pleasure Graeme, i hope you sell the lot!! <3