Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bill Henson

The Australian artistic photographer, Bill Henson career spans over 30 years. His work is raw, fragile and beautiful as he portrays adolescents discovering, becoming, feeling, finding themselves. His images seem almost a story board of illumination into the beauty, fragility and awkwardness of adolescence and all its associated perils and delights.
His work has stirred considerable controversy in recent times, rehashing the never ending debate between art and society.  Art or child pornography?  However I believe his work transcends this debate and disproves the cynics.  There is nothing crass or exploitative about his work, it shows very delicately the soul of the figure he captures, as it emerges or is pushed from the dense black background that completely encloses and supports it.
His images have a dark and brooding atmosphere on one hand, yet are romantic and sensual on the other.  Portraying the emotion and intimacy of adolescent angst, as the individuals step out of the darkness of youth and discover their new potential.  They elicit strong emotive response in the viewer as we are allowed to view human nature in an almost voyeuristic way.  



  1. Love Henson's work, wonderful article on him baby. Loving your new blog!

  2. thank you darling, i researched him when i did my Photography Uni subject and fell in love!!