Friday, 20 January 2012

Jerónimo Ramírez aka "Dr Lakra"

Mexican artist Dr Lakra (Jerónimo López Ramírez) uses found vintage magazines, postcards and 3D objects which he draws / paints over in classic tattooing style, subverting the original meaning of the image and in so doing enhancing and reviving the found object.

He has used his skills as a tattooist and brought his vision into the realm of contemporary art. The classic tattoo and Mexican cultural motifs in his work connect it with Dr Lakra's Mexican heritage and express concepts around desecration, criminality and economic disparity.
“Despite using disparate cultural iconographies, he aims for the universal: "Primitive instincts like sex, violence, graffiti are all innate to human beings and not tied to one culture," says the artist. "I’m always trying to deal with this basic primal urge.” (Ebbert, E. 2010)








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