Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Charmaine Olivia "Ritual" Exhibition @ Shooting Gallery, San Francisco

The devine Charmaine Olivia is showing her recent work at the Shooting Gallery in SF (14 Jan - 4 Feb). For all those in the San Fran area, please go and do tell me all about it, Im dying of envy!!

Ritual explores the themes of magic and earth energies within a series of imagined females from a mythology of the artist's own creation. The gallery will be transformed into a temple of altars for each of Olivia's demigods; each surrounded by installations of magical items, and other smaller artworks that pay homage to the central female. Olivia has investigated mankind's past cultural religious beliefs, and has incorporated everything from astrological symbolism to druid magic into her work. Her females represent power and strength within their particular realm of existence, similar to the gods of early polytheistic Greece. www.shootinggallerysf.com

Below are my personal favourites from the exhibition, that are of course also on sale (if not sold already).

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