Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kris Kuksi

Kris KuksiAmerican Sculptor. “He treats morbidity with a sympathetic touch and symbolizes the paradox of the death of the individual by objective personification of death. There is a fear of this consciousness because it drops in upon us without mercy, and yet there is a need to appeal to it in order to provide a sense of security, however deluded that sense may be. Kuksi’s art warns us that this appeal is irrelevant, and that we should be slow to create a need for it. His themes also teach us that although death may pursue us arbitrarily, we should never neglect to mourn the tremendous loss of individual potential.” ~

Kuksi’s art speaks of a timelessness–potentiality and motion attempting to reach on forever, and yet pessimistically delayed; forced into the stillness of death and eternal sleep.

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  1. Wow, amazing delail! Would be wonderful to see - I don't suppose there are any of his works in Australia.

    1. No I dont believe so, but when we go over to New York next year we can keep our fingers crossed that one if his pieces is in a gallery in NY or he is exhibiting there ;)

      It is incredible, the level of detail and the imagination is just WOW!!