Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lorene Taurerewa

New Zealand Artist Lorene Taurerewa. Her large-scale figurative charcoal drawings are distinguished for the inscrutable, monumental, still figures which occupy a middle-distance; an inaccessible space visually created by dense black fields combined with graceful lines. These imposing large-scale works combine an intense, powerful and unyielding dramatic presence with a subtle emotional complexity creating layers of communication between drawing and viewer. In tangent, her delicate ink work captures tiny figures caught in fluid, seeping black, which visually enacts bizarre narratives in these small drawings on paper and duralar. These narratives are formed intuitively, running and turning in the flowing of the ink, resulting in strange, quirky, picaresque scenes representing the fraught memories of fragmented lives. The unsettled ghosts and lost souls of her inheritance inhabit her figures, visually generating power, grace, loneliness and fragility who play out the narratives of her work. 


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