Saturday, 21 January 2012

Natalia Fabia "Punk Rock Rainbow Sparkle" Exhibition @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York

If you are in the New York area, a must see exhibition is currently showing at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery (14 Jan - 11 Feb 2012). The fabulous Natalia Fabia is showing her new body of work in her first solo exhibition on the east coast.

Fabia chose to use the location as creative direction for her paintings and spent three months exploring the region, doing research, gathering visual materials and staging photo shoots to serve as reference imagery for her new body of work. Particularly inspired by people and places with a raw, punk sensibility, she spent time in New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn), Philadelphia, and Asbury Park in New Jersey.

Her exquisitely detailed oil paintings are fun and innocent and at the same time often erotic and voyeuristic, giving the viewer a fascinating insight into current Punk youth culture in NY. 



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  1. I have been watching this artist for a while, she is very skilled and it is good to see young people painting figurative realism again. A sign of the new wave of artists coming through that don't want to rely on 'art speak' to sell their paintings, the painting speaks for its self.
    It is commentary on today's life styles and will be looked at in decades to come for that reason. The artist lives this life style so what better person could there be to record it.
    It is obvious that the artist is using photos but that is not the point, she could simply enlarge the photo and keep that but she chooses to use it only for references for the finished product, a painting.
    Some people need to paint and how they get to the the finished painting does not matter, it is all about the final product, a well executed painting that the artist painted because they wanted to.

    1. Yes it definately is great to see more artists embracing less abstract styles of painting. Natalia's work is so detailed and visually sumptuous, its fascinating to view as one notes all the wonderful little details :)