Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Exhumed Artists ~ Steven Arnold

Steven Arnold, American fine artist, photographer, filmaker, set designer and stylist (1943 - 1994).

Arnold was Salvador Dali’s muse, small wonder, his work is darkly beautiful, surreal and even magical with a big splash of sexual liberalism.  He is best known for his black and white photography which is powerful in its narrative around gender, sexual identity and freedom.  The costumes, props and sets are flamboyant and decadently excessive creating a fantastical set for a fabulous adventure into Arnold's surreal world of old Hollywood glamour.  See the short film below for a fascinating peak into the life and work of this amazing eccentric and enigmatic artist.

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  1. What a talent...I recently discovered him and also have an extensive (54 image) gallery of his work titled Shock The Monkey

    1. thanks for your comment :) Im going to check out your gallery now!!