Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tim Walker

London photographer Tim Walker has established himself at the cutting edge of fashion photography. His images capture a sublime moment in time, evoking a sense of epic drama and beauty. Stunning sets and lavish locations juxtapose the everyday with the absurd and the fabulous, to create captivating, original photographs. Tim’s evocative images are full of textured nuance and intriguing detail. His innovative photography is amongst the most imaginative and exuberant being produced today.

His amazingly lavish and imaginative sets take my breath away.  His eye for the WOW shot and his ability to transport the viewer into a whimsical world of fantasy make him one of the most creative fashion photographers today.  I cant wait to flip open each month's Vogue magazine in anticipation of perhaps seeing his latest offering!!

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  1. This is breathtaking, such a fairytale!

    1. Tim's work is incredible isnt it... no wonderfu Vogue LOVES him ;)